• Natural Application Development
    with Helios™

    It’s as easy as this!

  • Fast-Lane Applications with Helios™

    Model, Execute and Ready-To-Go

The Light-Weight Natural Application Development Platform

Many large organizations are challenged with rehashing their aging technology stacks and inefficient architectures into modern, flexible digital platforms.
With Helios™, Develop, deliver and deploy contemporary enterprise web applications rapidly.

1. Model
Create your business entities, relate them and assign workflows in an intuitive User Interface modeler. Your APPLICATION DESIGN is ready now!
2. Execute
Run drag-drop configurations through a few guided steps with a WYSWYG Auto-UI creation modeler to decide on how you want your application to look.
3. Ready-To-Go
That is all ! Your application is Live for deployment. You have thus built a modern web application ready for the connected world.

Automated Workflows

Get more done in less time

Helios™ workflow lets you create a transparent workspace to manage your teams workflows, streamline communication and monitory tasks, control recurring processes, automate routine tasks, manage permissions and integrate with many other application flows in real-time.

  • Drag-N-Drop design of activities and workflow paths.

  • Work assignment and approvals.

  • Configurable task checklists, notifications, delegation and escalation.

Document Management

Document Management

Adhering to ISO 17025 standards for document management...

Files Management

Add and manage any file type to the system...

Document Workflow Management

Automated document review, notification, approval process...

Search and Browse

Quick-browse search by author, department, or category or any other meta-data...

Document Management Security

Securely vaulted and obfuscated URL parameters...

Multiple Language Support

Unicode languages support.



Group entities for recognized common patterns and behavior.

Business Lists

Controlled business lists for data entry validations.

Auto Number Generator

Sequence entities with governed naming rules for each sections.

Viewers and Formats

Support standard and custom formats...


Team notification, integration to enterprise collaboration engine, discussion threads.

Permission Control

Fine grained access control on entities...


Global Languages and Locale support.

Integration Ready Interface

Helios™ is integration ready. Create, Manage and expose secured APIs for external systems or processes to integrate the application built to seamlessly interoperate with your existing business/IT framework. The APIs upgrade with system changes to keep the integration link LIVE.